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April 27, 2017: Jeffrey Dean Foster with special guest The Dead Tongues

Long before the Americana movement caught fire – before the genre even had a name – Jeffrey Dean Foster was synthesizing folk, rock and roots music with the Right Profile, the Carneys and the Pinetops. The 1998 Pinetops album Above Ground and Vertical showed the individuality of Foster's vision, but it was the long-awaited release of Million Star Hotel, his first solo album, that finally gathered all facets of his musical vision in a uniformly spectacular fashion. Upon the release of Foster's latest, The Arrow, Stereophile Magazine commented, "This is the kind of album that will stop you in your tracks." Most recently, Foster composed the entire soundtrack for the upcoming Angus Maclachlan film, “Abundant Acreage Available,” starring Amy Ryan. For more information, please visit www.jeffreydeanfoster.com.

For the last six years, songwriter, guitarist, and producer Ryan Gustafson has been making music as The Dead Tongues, building his own corner of the new American musical landscape with twangy garage jams, bohemian country shuffles, opened-tuned meditations, and melancholy love notes. While spending time in the studio or on the road with Hiss Golden Messenger, Charlie Parr, and Phil Cook, Ryan and longtime collaborator Andrew Marlin, along with perennial bandmates James Wallace and Jeff Crawford, found time to record The Dead Tongues third official album, Montana, a new exploration into his uniquely new and old approach to songwriting. For more information, please visit www.thedeadtongues.com.




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According to rock ‘n roll lore, after completing his now legendary 1972 album “Harvest,” Neil Young hosted Graham Nash at his Broken Arrow ranch outside San Francisco to play his long-time collaborator some of the new tracks. The two old friends rowed a boat out onto a lake next to Young’s home, and suddenly the new music was playing, with his house serving as the left speaker and his barn as the right. When the engineer called from the shore to ask how it sounded, Young hollered back, “More barn!’”

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