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November 1, 2018: COYOTE with Kate McNally

Marcy Brenner and Lou Castro (COYOTE), together with the talented Kate McNally, have created a smokin’ hot trio on Ocracoke Island.  These masterful musicians and phenomenal performers have spent their lives making music.  With a wide variety of musical styles and instruments, they present an evening of remarkable acoustic-oriented music, from rock and roll roots to pop classics.

Marcy and Lou’s magical musical home, Coyote Music Den, sits on the edge of Ocracoke’s Silver Lake in Community Square where they create, teach and share music.  It was during one of their weekly summer concert series, COYOTE Plus One, that they discovered extraordinary simpatico with Greenville, NC native, Kate.  And now, what began as a spark on a sultry summer evening has raged into a sensational wild fire.



November 29, 2018: Hank, Pattie & The Current with Chatham Rabbits

Hank, Pattie, and The Current:  Two of North Carolina’s veteran bluegrass musicians join forces with some of the Triangle area’s most versatile musicians to create modern, American, acoustic music featuring the full range of their talents as composers and arrangers.  The band makes use of traditional bluegrass instrumentation in a nontraditional way to present original music to the listener that goes beyond the limits of the idiom.

Chatham Rabbits: With palpable chemistry and warmth, Chatham Rabbits — Sarah Osborne McCombie (vocals, banjo) and Austin McCombie (vocals, guitar, fiddle) — fill each space they enter with brightness and sincerity. Their songs are stories flush with vivid imagery, contemplative metaphors, and evidence of their binding ties to the South.





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According to rock ‘n roll lore, after completing his now legendary 1972 album “Harvest,” Neil Young hosted Graham Nash at his Broken Arrow ranch outside San Francisco to play his long-time collaborator some of the new tracks. The two old friends rowed a boat out onto a lake next to Young’s home, and suddenly the new music was playing, with his house serving as the left speaker and his barn as the right. When the engineer called from the shore to ask how it sounded, Young hollered back, “More barn!’”

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